Gregg Inhofer: Music for the Upright Walking

Gregg Inhofer is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, and vocalist. His music combines a wide variety of influences, including rock, R'n'B, and jazz. He has played a significant role in the Minneapolis music scene throughout his career and is a member of the Minnesota Rock and Country Music Hall of Fame. Most notably he played keyboards on Bob Dylan’s album “Blood on the Tracks”, which ranked number 16 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

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“Music for the Upright Walking”, Gregg’s second solo album and his first studio record, traces back to how records used to be made: no click track or electronic synthetics imitating real instruments, with a focus on musicianship and live band energy. The album features 11 original songs and a cover version of Manic Depression by Jimi Hendrix. Eric Kamau Gravatt on drums and Charles Fletcher on bass – two remarkable players in their own right - make up the distinct jazz rhythm-section. Gravatt lends his signature explosive style, which had Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter fighting over whom he would play with (It ended up being Shorter, as Eric joined Weather Report). Inhofer says of Music for the Upright Walking: “It’s not a jazz record. It’s more a pop album, actually. I used to just think of myself as a musician. I’m a human being now, and music is something I do. I write songs and try to connect with people in a positive way. That’s exactly what this album and these songs are about.”
Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gregg Inhofer’s career took off in 1968 with the Twin-Cities based rock band Pepper Fog. The group quickly developed a devoted following with their combination of heavy guitar licks and jazzy piano breaks. A time of musical freedom and exploration followed and the Jazz-Fusion band This Oneness formed. Soon after, Gregg and his band mates joined Olivia Newton John on 19 tours across the United States, including a performance on NBC’s Midnite Special in 1975.
An in-demand pianist throughout his career, Gregg Inhofer has played in many acclaimed groups including Brainiac, The Tremblers (featuring Peter Noone), Soldiers of Fortune (featuring Jesse Ventura), Melvin James and Bob Dylan. He is currently a member of the Curtiss A band The Jerks of Fate. Every December 8th he takes part in the annual John Lennon Tribute Concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis (a cornerstones of the Midwest music scene). As a music director, to this day he has arranged 7 musicals for writer Dick Wilson. And they are currently working on their latest collaboration titled “Rain”. Inhofer has written national radio and television ads and is a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).
Before his rebirth and emancipation in 2005, a turbulent personal life brought Inhofer to the brink of quitting music altogether. Fortunately he did not quit and recorded his solo-debut “Inside” in 2007. Music writer Tom Surowicz said about the album: “With Inside, Gregg Inhofer finally steps into the spotlight. The keyboard hero … emerges as a compelling singer-songwriter … His voice is a revelation, as are the funny, intimate autobiographical tunes, reminiscent of Joe Jackson at his best.”
With “Music for the Upright Walking” Gregg Inhofer continues to build his solo career, one person at a time.